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Face parts English missing words exercise

How to complete the exercise learning face parts?

To complete the exercise fill in the missing blanks with the words.

Face parts exercise









Fill in the missing blanks using the words above.

1)      You have two ________ that you use to see things with

2)      Mrs Bean likes to wear big earrings in her  ________

3)      Lee and very red _____ due to the cold wind.

4)      I clean my  ________ 3 times a day to keep them lovely and white

5)      Sarah has lovely long blond  ________

6)      ________ are used to smell things with.

7)      Mrs Bean likes to put lip stick on her ________

8)      Sarah  has many  ______ when she stays in the sun to long

9)      Mrs bean as long ________ on her eyes (eyelids)

10)   What is the face part called above the eyes? ________

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