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Food containers and the different types English exercise

How to complete the 2 exercise food containers and the different types?

To complete the first exercise write the correct vocabulary next to each food container. The last exercise you need to fill in the missing blanks with the right food container. If you need to refresh visit the lesson by clicking on the link Food containers English lesson. 

Food containers exercise

      food containers exercise

Exercise 2 missing word

Fill in the missing words using the correct food container.

Do you want a         of Coca Cola?

            on tins of food are such a good idea.

Always make sure to put the             back on top of the bottle.

The           of meat is ready to go in the oven.

Can you pass me that         of jam please?

I eat a whole               of cookies today.

The              of biscuits is now empty who eat them all!

John is eating a         of crisps.

Sarah and Jason where sharing a                of strawberries.

We only need a few things so a                   will be big enough.

My younger daughter loves pushing the shopping                      .

We always save the                   we get from our shopping.

In America                 are used to carry your food.

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