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In on at exercise on prepositions 

How to complete the exercise

Below is a list of question using the prepositions 'in at on' fill in the blanks for each question. If you are struggling we have a lesson to help prepositions In on at English 

1.   I like salt        IN     soup, but not too much.

2.   Peter is             the hospital.

3.   I’m going to my brothers house              Saturday.

4.   How much sugar do you put              your coffee?

5.   We get             the bus every morning              seven and go to work.

6.   The meeting is             Tuesday              nine              the morning.

7.   We live             a small city              the northeastern part of the country.

8.   They went fishing             the lake.

9.   There’s a lot of life             the bottom of the sea.

10. Where’s Joe? Joe’s              the post office.

11. We are sitting             a table              some comfortable chairs.

12. We were             a boat when we saw some whales.

13. The whales stayed             the surface for a while.

14. I heard a song I like              the radio.

15. We thought we were going to be late, but we got there just             time.

16. We thought we were going to be late, but we got there             time.

17. We went for a walk             the beach. We decided to go             the water.

18. I bought a couple of really good shirts. They were             sale at a good price.

19. Do you like whipped cream              your coffee?

20. We were sitting             the bed talking for a little while.

21. I think you should take an umbrella              case it rains.

22. It’s not a good idea to stand up              a canoe.

23. We bought some books              a good price. We put the books           a box           the shelf.

24. How long have you been working              this project?

25. I started working             this quiz              seven o’clock.

26. I read about it             an article              the internet.

27. He’s been posting messages again              ESL/EFL forums             the internet.

28. She hasn’t spoken to him              a few days. She said she’d call             a couple days.

29. There have to be other forms of intelligent life              other planets             the universe.

30. We’re going for a ride              the country              Sunday morning.

31. We’ll be back             about nine              the evening.

32. We’re leaving early             the morning, and we’ll be back late             night.

33. I recorded my voice              a small cassette player so they could hear it a few times.

34.              the winter we have to be careful not to slip             the ice and fall             the ground.

35. They’re sick             the head.

36. What do you have             your mind? What do you have               mind.

Answers to the questions

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