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Present Simple and Progressive exercise

How to complete the exercises on present simple and progressive

There are 2 exercise to the complete the first one you have to choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence. The last exercise you have to ask the questions to the answers that are listed.

Choose the correct verb form in the following sentences:

1.    She            from home today. (works / is working)

2.    Leave me alone- I            to work. (try / am trying)

3.    I          what she's saying. (don't understand / am not understanding)

4.    'What's the weather like?' 'It         .' (rains / is raining).

5.    What          he do? (do / does).

6.    She usually            to work by car. (come / comes / is coming)

7.    He            believe in God. (isn't believing / don't believe / doesn't believe)

8.    It        me twenty minutes to get to work most days. (take / takes / is taking)

9.    His company closed so he          for work. (look / looks / is looking)

10.             your meal? (do you enjoy / are you enjoying)

Make the questions for each answer listed below:

1.    '                                                         ?' 'There are three.'

2.    '                                                         ?' "He lives in Lisbon.

3.    '                                                         ?' 'No,she doesn't.'

4.    '                                                         ?' 'They're on the table in the living-room.'

5.    '                                                         ?' 'It costs $30.'

6.    '                                                         ?' 'It's mine.'

7.    '                                                         ?' 'No, I don't.'

8.    '                                                         ?' 'No, I'm not.'

9.    '                                                         ?' 'Never.'

10.  '                                                         ?' 'Because I'm tired.'

11.  '                                                         ?' 'John does.'

12.  '                                                         ?' 'It the second road on the left.'

13.  '                                                         ?' 'Yes, she does.'

14.  '                                                         ?' 'No, he isn't.'

15.  '                                                         ?' 'Once a week.'

Print the questions onto some paper

To print the lesson right click on a white space and select print or copy and past the categories onto a word document and the print.

Unable to print

If you are unable to print, then write the questions onto some blank paper.

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