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Man Injured at Fast Food Place Reading Exercise

How to complete the reading exercise

Below is a short story about man at a fast food restaurant. Read the story and then try and answer the questions below the story.

Story about a man Injured at fast food place

A 79-year-old man was slightly injured on Saturday while waiting in his brand new convertible in a drive-through lane at Burger Prince Restaurant. Jason of Manchester suffered a mild burn about 9:00 p.m. When a young female employee accidentally spilled a cup of coffee into his lap. Jason said the coffee was hot but not scalding.

He refused medical aid, saying the only problem was the stain on his slacks, but it would wash out. He was given a fresh refill. Before Jason drove off, the restaurant manager, John Johnson, gave him two free gift certificates--one for an extra-large coffee and one for the restaurant's newest sandwich, the McRap.

The employee, who had not been working for Burger Prince long, was let go later that evening. She was quite upset. She said she would probably sue Burger Prince for letting her go. She said it was the man's fault for ordering something that she might be able to spill.

Questions about the story

Below is 10 questions about the story above

  1. Where was the man injured?
  2. How old was the man? 
  3. How serious was his injury? 
  4. What day was he injured? 
  5. What was he doing when he was injured? 
  6. What happened? 
  7. Was the employee male or female? 
  8. What did Jason refuse? 
  9. What did Jason say was the only problem? .
  10. When was the employee let go?

Print the questions on some paper

To print the lesson right click on a white space and select print or copy and past the questions onto a word document and the print.

Can't print

If you are unable to print just copy and write the questions onto a blank piece of paper.

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