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The Purple Frog

A story about the purple frog

One gloomy, foggy day in the dark forest something strange happened. In the forest there lived a purple, three-legged frog. He could be found in the pond that was surrounded by trees and bushes. The frog was very lonely. At night he was very scared. He had no one to play with.

This one day a red grasshopper came hopping along. It saw the frog and it asked, "Why do you look so sad?"

"I have nobody to play with."

"My name is Jack and I will play with you." said the grasshopper.

"Oh goody! My name is Eric and I live in this wild pond. I can swim all day and night if I wish to. I'm glad you are here because I have some games we can play. These games take two to play. I can't play them by myself. We can play games such as leapfrog and follow the leader. Do you have a place to live, Jack?"

"Well not really but I was hoping you would let me stay here with you Eric."

"Well of course you can stay with me," said Eric. "It's dinnertime. Come and I will show you where you can sit. After, we'll play follow the leader by jumping from lily pad to lily pad. Jack was curious. He asked Eric "What happened to your other leg?' Eric said, "Nothing happened to my leg. I was born this way." So the leg was not brought up again.

After dinner Eric and Jack played all night till dawn. When the sun came up, Eric and Jack sat by the pond wondering what to do next. Eric suggested, "Let's go hopping around. We'll play follow the leader next."

The next day another frog came along.

The new frog said, "Hello, my name is Sabrina."

The purple frog said, "My name is Eric and this is my friend Jack, the grasshopper. Then they all went out to play in the bushes.

Before it got dark, they all went back to the pond. Eric asked Jack and Sabrina to listen to what he was going to tell them. Eric and his friend, Jack, asked her if she wanted stay with them!

"Of course!" she said.

The next morning the three of them saw lizard creeping up to them. They all said, "Hello!" The lizard said, "My name is Tiffany." All three introduced themselves to Tiffany, the lizard.

Eric and Sabrina began to raise a family. Each day Eric and Sabrina went for a swim with the youngsters. All of them had a good time in the pond together. Sabrina and Tiffany stayed close by the pond watching the children while Eric and Jack went out to the bushes to see if there were any insects they could get for supper for everyone. After they enjoyed their meal, they would play.

One day Jack and Tiffany decided to live somewhere else. They all said goodbye to their friends and they promised that they would meet again soon.

Eric and Sabrina did their usual daily routine with the youngsters. The family played leapfrog, had dinner and swam all day together. During the early evening, they would tell the youngsters stories. Eric, Sabrina and their youngsters lived happily ever after.

The purple frog story

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