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The Angel

A story about the naughty angel

Once upon a time there was an angel name Samantha. She was always getting into trouble. Samantha would make up stories and she was always getting into a lot of hot water. Some of the other angels noticed this. They started talking about how they should deal with this.

One angel said, "Maybe we could teach her a lesson." They all agreed. The next day they called Sam into the cloud room. The boss of all the angels asked Sam to go down to earth and help someone in need. Sam said, "OK."

"But there is one thing you must remember," the boss angel said, "You will not have any powers." Sam did not think this was fair. The big boss gave Sam a very nasty look and he ordered her "Go!"

Down to earth she went. She had to find someone in need of help. Samantha looked and looked all over the place.

On one street corner she spotted two kids and a small dog. Sam came up to them and asked how they were doing; they said they were fine. Sam asked if they needed any help. One child looked at her very strangely and said no. She moved on.

Next she saw two animals wondering around. "They look lost." She said to herself. She went up to them and they began to bark at her. Sam became very scared and upset. She did not know what to do. She calmed herself down and started to talk to them. When they heard her voice they stopped barking at her. The angel felt very happy and so she helped the little dogs find their way home.

Samantha was thinking to herself, "If I could help instead of being bad all the time then I would feel good about what I have done."

When the little angel got home the boss asked her if she had learned a lesson. Sam told him that she had. The big boss was very pleased.

When Sam left the room, all the little angels asked her if she was all right. Sam said yes. Everyone was happy. Then, Sam and the other angels said their prayers and went to sleep.

The angle story

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