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Phrasal verbs starting with P English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson phrasal verbs starting with P?

This lesson you will learn the meaning of some of the phrasal verbs beginning with P that you might not understand. The lesson is to be used to help you understand the meanings when you come across phrasal verbs you don't understand.

** Warning please don't try and memorise all of the phrasal verbs listed use as a reference when you need to understand what they mean **

Phrasal verbs beginning with P

pass away: The old lady passed away yesterday at ten.

pass by: Every day I pass by this shop when I'm on my way to work.

pass on: Have you passed on the message I sent you?

pass out: It was so stuffy in the room that I wasn't surprised at all that some people passed out.

pay back: I will pay you back next week. Is that OK?

pay off: I hope to pay this loan off before the deadline.

pay somebody back: I'm going to pay him back for all these stinging remarks.

pick out: We spent hours looking for presents and finally picked out some books.

pick up: Sue picked up the phone and dialled her boyfriend's number.

pick up: I picked up a lot of new words during my trip to London.

pick up: Will you pick me up from the station on Monday?

pin down: He didn't tell me much. We will need to pin him down to details.

piss off: She was absolutely pissed off with his behaviour.

plug in: I haven't plugged in the TV yet, I just bought it.

point out: She pointed out common writing mistakes her students should be aware of.

polish up: His Spanish is not bad but he should polish it up a bit.

print out: Could you please print out this document for me?

pull down: They had to pull down the old building to build a new shopping centre there.

pull in: The train from Manchester is pulling in on platform 1.

pull in: I need a break, I'll pull in over there and we'll have some rest.

pull out: A train has just pulled out of the station.

pull out: Can you imagine it? I had to wait 5 minutes to pull out!

pull up: A blue car has just pulled up near the cinema.

put back: Remember to put back the CDs when you don't listen to them.

put back: I'm afraid we have to put back our appointment.

put back: Remember to put back your watch when you'll land in London.

put down: Put down your bags and let's go to the kitchen.

put down: How could you put me down in front of all these people?!

put down to: She was unbearable yesterday but we put it down to the problems she has in her marriage.

put forward: We put the clocks forward in spring.

put off: Can you put off the meeting? I need to talk to you.

put off: Oh yeah, he is handsome but his manners put me off!

put on: It's quite cold so you'd better put on your coat.

put on: Put on the light please.

put out: Put out the lights, I'm tired and want to go sleep. Put the cigarette out, it's non-smoking area.

put up with: How do you put up with him? He's so irritating.

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