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Phrasal verbs starting with N English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson phrasal verbs starting with N?

This lesson you will learn the meaning of some of the phrasal verbs beginning with N that you might not understand. The lesson is to be used to help you understand the meanings when you come across phrasal verbs you don't understand.

** Warning please don't try and memorise all of the phrasal verbs listed use as a reference when you need to understand what they mean **

Phrasal verbs beginning with N

nail down: She told us just the news - we will need to nail her down to reveal more details.

name after: Jacky was named after her grandmother.

narrow down: We wanted to narrow down the list of candidates for the elections.

nod off: He usually nods off in front of the TV.

nose about/around: Call the security! Somebody was nosing around in my office.

note down: Please note down the following emergency numbers.

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