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Phrasal verbs starting with D English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson phrasal verbs starting with D?

This lesson you will learn the meaning of some of the phrasal verbs beginning with D that you might not understand. The lesson is to be used to help you understand the meanings when you come across phrasal verbs you don't understand.

**Warning please don't try and memorise all of the phrasal verbs listed use as a reference when you need to understand what they mean **

Phrasal verbs beginning with  D

Deal with: Do you think you can deal with this sort of problem?

Decide on: We have decided on holiday in Spain.

Delve into: I don't want to delve into details concerning his death. It's too painful.

Depend on: you can always depend on me. The tram is late again! You really can't depend on public transport.

Depend on: Our decision depends on the results of the test.

Deprive of: Living in the country will deprive you of all the nightlife you like so much.

Devote to: She devoted all her life to fighting for human rights.

Die away: her voice gradually died away and there was silence again.

Die out: Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

Dig out: I spent hours in the library but finally I dug out everything I needed.

Do away with something: why don't they do away with all these stupid rules!

Do: Could you help me do up my dress?

Do without: I'm afraid she'll have to do without my help.

Drag away: Drag him away from the TV somehow! He needs more exercise.

Drop by / in: do not hesitate to drop in whenever you're in the neighbourhood.

Drop off: I'm going to the city centre now, so if you want I can drop you off to the library.

Drop: Sue decided to drop out of school.

Dwell: John! Please stop moaning and dwelling on your past mistakes! The show must go on!

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