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Phrasal verbs starting with B English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson phrasal verbs starting with B?

This lesson you will learn the meaning of some of the phrasal verbs beginning with B that you might not understand. The lesson is to be used to help you understand the meanings when you come across phrasal verbs you don't understand.

** Warning please don't try and memorise all of the phrasal verbs listed use as a reference when you need to understand what they mean **

Phrasal verbs beginning with B

Back out: Make them sign the agreement so that they would not back out from the project.

Back me: Will you back me up if I present the alternative solution to the problem?

Bank on: Tom is very disappointed as he banked on the pay rise and finally he didn't get it.

Be after: John is after a job in marketing.

Be made for: Mary and Paul seem to be made for each other.

Beat up: He was dragged out of the car and beaten up by the street gang.

Bend down: Johnny! Bend down and do your shoelaces.

Blend in/into: Chameleons can blend in with their surroundings.

Boss about/ round: I hate when somebody wants to boss me around!

Break away: He wanted to break away from the traditional image of an artist and always wore suits in his studio.

Break down: They got caught quite easily as their runaway car broke down after few miles.

Break down: The discussion broke down because nobody wanted to accept any compromise.

Break out: He broke out of the state prison last night.

Break out: The anthrax epidemic was prevented from breaking out.

Break through: The soldiers are reported to successfully break through the enemy's trenches.

Break up: I didn't know Leven has broken up with Joe!

Breeze into: She usually breezes into the meeting and shares her opinions with everybody present.

Breeze through: He breezed through the university entrance exams.

Brighten up: She put some flowers to the vase to brighten the room up.

Bring about: now we can just wait what these changes will bring about.

Bring back: the photos we watched together brought back a lot of memories.

Bring down: the present acute crisis in economy may bring the government down.

Bring around/round: we tried to bring her round but in vain.

Bring together: the disaster brought the local community together.

Bring up: she was brought up to respect other people.

Brush aside: He brushed aside his advisor's ideas and consequently lost the campaign.

Brush up: He went to France to brush up on his French before the exam.

Bump into: I bumped into my Mum when I tried to leave the house unnoticed.

Bundle up: She bundled the kittens up in blankets before taking them to the vet.

Burst in: The crowd burst in the palace and started the plunder.

Burst out: He burst out laughing when he heard this joke for the first time.

Butt in: She got mad as he butted in once again with his stupid remarks.

Button up: Button up John, will you? It's quite cold today.

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