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Online English dictionary to help with learning English

Online English dictionary

Dictionaries are used to help you check your spelling, and to help with learning new words. A lot of people use dictionaries to find the meaning of a word or just to check the meaning of a word that have just seen. Another way you can use a dictionary is to find the right word to use.

How to use this online English dictionary

The online dictionary below you can just input the word and click look it up, this will open a new window with the meaning of the word.

Enter your word into the search box

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Specific dictionaries

The Online dictionary you can search for words that relate to a specific dictionary all you have to do is click on the circle next to category.

How to use this dictionary while using the Easy Pace Learning lessons

When you come across a word that you don't understand, type in the word in search box and click on look it up button.

Why use thesaurus?

The best way to write a story or essay is to use a thesaurus dictionary. It is good practise to vary the words that you are using instead of repeating the same one again and again. If you found yourself repeating the same word again, look it up in the thesaurus most times you will find many new words.

Buy yourself a dictionary from a book store

If you can afford to buy yourself a quality dictionary, during a sale in your local book shop. Why use a paper dictionary? On-line dictionaries are great, but using a paper version you get used to searching for words and hopefully learn new words along the way.

Learning how to look up a word.

When you come across a word during one of Easy Pace Learning lessons that you don't recognize or just don,t know the meaning of, open up your book and...

  • Go to the letter of the alphabet that your word begins with.
  • For example, "car" begins with "c", then scroll down words beginning with ca, and lastly car

Dictionaries have other purposes than just looking up words.

A lot of dictionaries books include some useful information. Some of the information that you might see in your book might be:

  1. Various maps and geographical information.
  2. Facts on the world population.
  3. Various facts on weights, volume and measurements.
  4. Lists of countries, major cities, major capitals.
  5. Flags of countries, states, provinces, regions.
  6. Lists of famous people alive now.

Dictionary game

Must have a least 2 people each player takes a turn to find a word which should also be familiar to the other players,the reader then reads out aloud the words definition. The other players then have to compete to guess the word as quickly as possible, they can even shout out while the definition is still being read. To make the game more interesting who every guesses the word gets a point.

Dictionary chase lesson

English lesson where you have to complete a short exercise searching for words in a dictionary. This will help you get use to using dictionary's and remember the words for different types of sports that people like to play. Click on the link to play Sports English lesson dictionary chase exercise