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List of body parts idioms about the neck and their meanings

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Human body parts idioms about the neck

break one`s neck (to do something)

- to do all one possibly can, to work very hard to do something

I broke my neck to try and get the report finished on time.

breathe down (someone`s) neck

- to watch someone closely (often by standing right behind them), to pressure someone to do something

My boss has been breathing down my neck all day to pressure me to finish the report.

a crick in one's neck

- a painful cramp in one's neck

I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck.

dead from the neck up

- to be very stupid

My boss seems to be dead from the neck up.

a kink in one's neck

- a cramp in one's neck that causes pain

I have a kink in my neck and it hurts when I turn my head.

a millstone around (someone's) neck

- a burden or handicap for someone

My parents' condominium is a millstone around their neck and they want to sell it.

neck and neck

- exactly even in a race or contest

The two horses were neck and neck at the end of the race.

a pain in the neck

- an annoying or bothersome person or event

Our customer is a pain in the neck and is always complaining about something.

risk one's neck (to do something)

- to risk harm in order to do something

The fireman risked his neck to save the young child.

save (someone`s) neck/skin

- to save someone from danger or trouble or embarrassment

The worker tried to save his own neck without thinking about other people.

stick one`s neck out (for someone or something)

- to do something dangerous or risky for someone

My friend will never stick his neck out to help other people.

up to one's neck (in something)

- to have a lot of something, to be much involved or busy with something

I am up to my neck in work at the moment and will not be able to attend the dinner tonight.

wring (someone's) neck

- to be extremely angry at someone

I want to wring my friend's neck for breaking my new laptop computer.

a yoke around (someone's) neck

- a burden for someone, something that oppresses people

The legal problems of my friend were a yoke around his neck.

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