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List of body parts idioms about blood and their meanings

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Human body parts idioms about blood

bad blood (between people)

- anger or a bad relationship due to past problems with someone

There is much bad blood between the two supervisors.

blood is thicker than water

- family members are closer to one another than to others

Blood is thicker than water and people usually support and help their family in times of trouble.

blood on the carpet

- much trouble

There was much blood on the carpet after the meeting.

blood runs cold

- terrified or horrified

My blood ran cold when I saw the poison spider on my bed.

blood, sweat, and tears

- great personal effort

We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into fixing our old house.

blue blood

- the blood (family line) of a noble or aristocratic family

Many blue bloods attended the opening of the new opera.

curdle (someone's) blood

- to frighten someone

The sight of the accident curdled my blood.

draw blood

- to make a wound that bleeds

The young boxer was the first to draw blood during the boxing match.

(one's) flesh and blood

- a close relative (father,daughter,brother etc.), a living human body

The man's own flesh and blood refused to help him when he needed money.

go for the jugular

- to attack someone in a way that you know will harm him or her most (the jugular is a large vein in the neck)

When the political candidate began to have problems the other candidates decided to go for the jugular and attack.

have (someone's) blood on one's hands

- to be responsible for someone's death

The driver of the car had the passengers' blood on his hands after two people were killed in an accident.

in cold blood

- without feeling

The man was murdered in cold blood by a group of criminals.

in one's blood

- to be built into one's personality or character

My cousin has music in her blood and is very good at it.

like getting blood out of a stone

- very difficult to get something from someone or something

It is like getting blood out of a stone to ask my friend for anything.

make (someone's) blood boil

- to make someone very angry

It makes my blood boil to think about what happened to my coworker.

make (someone's) blood run cold

- to shock or horrify someone

It made my blood run cold when I saw the little boy run into the road.

new blood

- new members brought into a group, new workers in a company

We have lots of new blood in our club.

out for blood

- to be very determined to defeat or punish someone, to be very angry at someone

My boss was out for blood when he discovered that someone had deleted some files on his computer.

smell blood

- to sense an opponent's weakness or vulnerability

The reporters could smell blood when they began to investigate the politicians and the scandal.

sweat blood

- to be very anxious and tense about something

I began to sweat blood when I heard that some of our staff may be transferred to another city.

taste blood

- to be able to harm an opponent and therefore want to try to do even more harm

I could taste blood when I discovered the weak points of my opponent.

too rich for (someone's) blood

- to be too expensive for someone's budget

The holiday in the expensive resort was too rich for our blood so we did not go.

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