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List of human body parts idioms beginning with R and meanings

How the idioms are listed

There are 3 parts to each idioms the first part is what the idiom is, then an explanation of what it means and the last part is an example of how to use it in a sentence.

How do I use the list of human body parts idioms A to Z?

To use the list of idioms click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the human body parts idioms for that letter.

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Human body parts idioms beginning with R

ram (something) down (someone`s) throat

- to force someone to do or agree to something that they do not want or like

My friend is always ramming his opinions down our throats.

rip (someone) limb from limb

- to attack someone in a violent way

The cat ripped the stuffed toy limb from limb.

risk one's neck (to do something)

- to risk harm in order to do something

The fireman risked his neck to save the young child.

rub elbows with (someone)

- to be in the same place as someone, to meet and mix with others

The small restaurant is very popular and you can rub elbows with different types of people.

rub shoulders with (someone)

- to be in the same place as someone, to meet and mix with others

We went to the party and were able to rub shoulders with some interesting artists.

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