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List of human body parts idioms beginning with C and meanings

How the idioms are listed

There are 3 parts to each idioms the first part is what the idiom is, then an explanation of what it means and the last part is an example of how to use it in a sentence.

How do I use the list of human body parts idioms A to Z?

To use the list of idioms click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the human body parts idioms for that letter.

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Human body parts idioms beginning with C

can't stomach (someone or something)

- to dislike someone or something very much

I cannot stomach the new woman who I work with.

carry one's (own) weight

- to do one's share of something

Everyone in the group had to carry his or her own weight during the project.

carry the weight of the world on one's shoulders

- to appear to be dealing with all the problems in the whole world

My friend has much stress and thinks that he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

catch one's breath

- to return to normal breathing after breathing very hard

I stopped at the top of the stairs to catch my breath.

chilled to the bone

- very cold

I was chilled to the bone after swimming in the cold lake.

close to the bone

- something (a story or remark) that is embarrassing or upsetting

The remarks of my boss hit close to the bone when he began to criticize my work habits.

contemplate one's navel

- to spend a lot of time thinking about one's own problems rather than being concerned about more important things

I spent the summer contemplating my navel and did not do a thing.

cover one's back

- to do something to protect yourself from criticism or future blame

I was very careful to cover my back when dealing with the lawyers.

a crick in one's back/neck

- a painful cramp in one's back or neck

I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck.

curdle (someone's) blood

- to frighten someone

The sight of the accident curdled my blood.

cut a fine figure

- to dress and look good

I cut a fine figure as I walked through the doors to interview for the job.

cut one`s (own) throat

- to experience certain failure, to do something that will cause problems now or in the future

My friend is cutting his own throat if he does not make an effort to find a new job quickly.

cut (something) to the bone

- to cut down severely on something, to severely reduce something

The company cut all of the extra expenses to the bone.

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