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Vocabulary beginning with S - list learning English basics

What will I learn from the English lesson a list vocabulary beginning with S?

This lesson is a list of vocabulary beginning with S to help when you are unsure what type of word it is. It is important not to try and remember the vocabulary, but just to use the list as a reference guide to help you.

How do I use this English book of vocabulary ?

Click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the idioms with an explanation of each.

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Vocabulary beginning with S

sad (adj)
safe (adj)
• to be safe from harm
safety (n)
sail (n & v)
salad (n)
salary (n)
sale (n)
salesman/saleswoman (n)
salt (n)
same (adj, pron & adv)
sand (n)
sandwich (n)
satisfactory (adj)
satisfied (adj)
saucer (n)
sausage (n)
save (v)
• to save someone
• to save money
• to save time
say (v)
• to say something to someone
• I really can't say. (give an opinion)
scene (n)
scenery (n)
school (n)
science (n)
science fiction (n)
scientific (adj)
scientist (n)
scissors (n)
scooter (n)
score (n & v)
• The score was 3-0. (n)
• to score a goal (v)
scream (n & v)
screen (n)
sculpture (n)
sea (n)
search (n & v)
seaside (n)
season (n)
seat (n)
seat belt (n)
second (adj & n)
• to be second in the race (adj)
• sixty seconds in a minute (n)
secondary (adj)
• secondary school
secret (adj & n)
secretary (n)
security (n)
see (v)
• to see something (with the eyes)
• to see the joke (understand)
• to see someone about a problem
seem (v)
seldom (adv)
select (v)
self-service (adj)
sell (v)
send (v)
sensible (adj)
sentence (n)
• words in a sentence
separate (adj & v)
series (n)
• a TV series
serious (adj)
• a serious person
• a serious illness
servant (n)Page 28
serve (v)
• to serve in a shop
service (n)
• a bus service
• customer service
session (n)
• in a school, gym
set (v)
set free (phr v)
set off (phr v)
• She set off early for work.
set out (phr v)
• They set out on the long journey.
set up (phr v)
• Her mother helped her to set up in
several (adj & det)
sew (v)
sex (n)
• the male/female sex
sh! (int)
shade (n)
• to sit in the shade
shadow (n)
shake (n & v)
shallow (adj)
shame (n)
shampoo (n)
shape (n)
share (n & v)
shark (n)
sharp (adj)
• a sharp knife
• a sharp corner
• a sharp picture
shave (n & v)
she (pron)
sheep (n)
sheet (n)
• sheets on a bed
• a sheet of paper
• information sheet
shelf (n)
shine (v)
ship (n)
shirt (n)
shock (n & v)
• to suffer from shock (n)
• The film shocked me. (v)
shoe (n)
shoot (v)
• to shoot at the goal
shop (n & v)
shop assistant (n)
shopkeeper (n)
shore (n)
short (adj)
shorts (n pl)
• a pair of shorts
shoulder (n)
shout (n & v)
show (n & v)
• a film show (n)
• Show it to me. (v)
• The picture shows a village. (v)
• It shows that they care. (v)
shower (n)
• a shower of rain
• to have a shower
shut (adj & v)
shy (adj)
sick (adj)
side (n)
sight (n)
• Her sight is better with glasses.
• in sight, out of sight
sightseeing (n)
sign (n & v)
• a road sign (n)
• to sign a document (v)
• no sign of life (n)
• signs of winter (n)
signal (n & v)
signature (n)
signpost (n)
silence (n)
silent (adj)
silk (adj & n)
silly (adj)
silver (adj & n)
similar (adj)
simple (adj)
since (conj & prep)
sincerely (adv)
• Yours sincerely
sing (v)
single (n & adj)
• a single (ticket) to Cambridge (n)
• to be single (unmarried) (adj)
• a single room (adj)
sink (n & v)
• a kitchen sink (n)
• The ship began to sink. (v)
Sir (n)
sister (n)
sit (v)
site (n)
sitting room (n)
situated (adj)
situation (n)Page 29
size (n)
skateboard (n & v)
ski (n & v)
skill (n)
skilled (adj)
skin (n)
skirt (n)
sky (n)
sleep (n & v)
sleeve (n)
slice (n)
slim (adj)
slip (v)
• to slip on the ice
slope (n)
• mountain/ski slope
slow (adj)
small (adj)
smart (adj)
• a smart idea (Am Eng)
• smart clothes
smell (n & v)
smile (n & v)
smoke (n & v)
smooth (adj)
• a smooth surface (level)
• a smooth ride in the new car
snack (n)
snake (n)
snow (n & v)
snowball (n)
snowboard (n & v)
snowman (n)
snowstorm (n)
so (adv & conj)
so-so (adj)
soap (n)
social (adj)
society (n)
sock (n)
sofa (n)
soft (adj)
• a soft material
• a soft drink
software (n)
soil (n)
soldier (n)
solid (adj)
some (adj, det & pron)
somebody (pron)
someone (pron)
something (pron)
sometimes (adv)
somewhere (adv)
son (n)
song (n)
soon (adv)
• I'll come soon.
• as soon as I can
sore (adj)
sorry (adj)
sort (n)
• the same sort
sort out (phr v)
• We need to sort out this problem.
sound (n & v)
• the sound of music (n)
• It sounds like/as if…(v)
soup (n)
sour (adj)
• a sour taste
south (adj & adv, n)
southeast (adj & n)
southwest (adj, adv & n)
souvenir (n)
space (n)
• a parking space
• write in the spaces
• not enough space
• outer space
spade (n)
spare (adj & v)
• spare cash, spare time (adj)
• to spare the time (v)
speak (v)
special (adj)
speech (n)
speed (n)
spell (v)
spend (v)
• to spend money/time
spill (v)
spinach (n)
spite (n)
• in spite of (prep phr)
spoil (v)
spoon (n)
sport (n)
spot (n)
spy (n & v)
square (adj & n)
• a square room (adj)
• a market square (n)
squash (n)
stadium (n)
staff (n)
stage (n)
• to perform on a stage
stain (n & v) Page 30
stairs (n pl)
stall (n)
• market stall
stamp (n)
• a postage stamp
stand (v)
standard (n)
star (n)
• stars in the sky (n)
• a film star (n)
start (n & v)
• a good start (n)
• to start a race (v)
state (adj & n)
• a state school (n)
statement (n)
station (n)
• a bus/fire/radio station
statue (n)
stay (n & v)
• to stay to dinner (v)
• to stay with friends (v)
• to stay looking young (v)
• a two-night stay (n)
stay behind (phr v)
• She stayed behind after the lesson to
speak to the teacher.
steak (n)
steal (v)
steam (n)
steel (n)
steep (adj)
step (n)
• two steps forward (n)
• to climb the steps (n)
stick (n & v)
• a walking stick (n)
• to stick two things together (v)
sticky (adj)
stiff (adj)
still (adv)
• Sit still. (adv)
• She's still here. (adv)
stir (v)
stomach (n)
stone (n)
• a large stone
• a stone bridge
stop (n & v)
• a bus stop (n)
• The car stopped. (v)
• It's stopped raining. (v)
• The rain stopped me from going out.
store (n & v)
• a department store (n)
• to store things in a cupboard (v)
storm (n)
story (n)
straight (adj & adv)
• to go straight on (adv)
• a straight road (adj)
strange (adj)
stranger (n)
strawberry (n)
stream (n)
street (n)
stress (n & v)
• to stress the importance of something
• He didn't want the stress of a new job.
strict (adj)
strike (n & v)
• to go on strike (n)
• to strike something (v)
strong (adj)
student (n)
studio (n)
• TV/artists/recording studio
study (n & v)
• to study physics (v)
• to study the map (v)
• Social Studies (n)
stupid (adj)
style (n)
subject (n)
• the subject of a discussion
• the subject of a sentence
• a school subject
subtract (v)
subway (n)
• New York subway (Am Eng) (Br Eng:
succeed (v)
success (n)
such (adj & det)
sudden (adj)
sugar (n)
suggest (v)
suit (n)
• to wear a suit
suitable (adj)
suitcase (n)
sum (n)
sum up (v)
sun (n)
sunbathe (v)
sunlight (n)
sunrise (n)Page 31
sunset (n)
sunshine (n)
supermarket (n)
supply (v)
support (v)
• to support a weight
• to support a team
suppose (v)
• I suppose it's true.
• You aren't supposed to drive fast.
• It's supposed to be a good film.
sure (adj)
• I'm sure you're right.
• to make sure
surfing (n)
surname (n)
surprise (n & v)
surround (v)
• The cottage is surrounded by beautiful
sweater (n)
sweatshirt (n)
sweep (v)
• to sweep the floor
sweet (adj & n)
• sweet food (adj)
• a sweet face (adj)
• a sweet smell (adj)
• to eat a sweet (n)
swim (n & v)
swimming costume (n)
swing (n & v)
• to play on a swing
• to swing backwards and forwards
switch (n & v)
• light switch (n)
• to switch on a machine (v)
system (n)

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