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Vocabulary beginning with P - list learning English basics

What will I learn from the English lesson a list vocabulary beginning with P?

This lesson is a list of vocabulary beginning with P to help when you are unsure what type of word it is. It is important not to try and remember the vocabulary, but just to use the list as a reference guide to help you.

How do I use this English book of vocabulary A to Z?

Click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the idioms with an explanation of each.

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** Warning the list does not contain every word and will be added to over time **

Abbreviations that are used in the vocabulary List are:

abbrev abbreviation or acronym
adj adjective
adv adverb
Am Eng American English
Br Eng British English
conj conjunction
det determiner
exclam exclamation
int interjection
n noun
phr v phrasal verb
pl plural
prep preposition
prep phr prepositional phrase
pron pronoun
sing singular
v verb

Vocabulary beginning with P

pack (n & v)
• an information pack (n)
• to pack a case (v)
packet (n)
page (n)
pain (n)
paint (n & v)
pair (n)
palace (n)
pale (adj)
pan (n)
pants (n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng: trousers)
paper (n)
• a sheet of paper
• a (news)paper
parcel (n)
pardon (n) (int)
• Pardon? I didn't hear what you said.
parent (n)
park (n & v)
• a public park (n)
• to park a car (v)
parliament (n)
part (n & v)
• a part of something (n)
• to part from someone (v)
partly (adv)
particular (adj)
partner (n)
part time (adv)
part-time (adj)
party (n)
• a birthday party
• a political party
pass (v)
• Several cars passed.
• to pass the sugar
• to pass an examination
passenger (n)
passport (n)
password (n)
past (adj, n & prep)
• the past few weeks. (adj)
• in the past. (n)
• It's half past one. (prep)
pasta (n)
pastry (n)
path (n)
patient (adj & n)
• to be patient (adj)
• a hospital patient (n) Page 23
pattern (n)
pause (n & v)
pavement (n)
pay (n & v)
pea (n)
peace (n)
peanut (n)
pear (n)
pedestrian (n)
peel (n & v)
pen (n)
pence (n pl)
pencil (n)
pencil case (n)
pen-friend (n)
penknife (n)
penny (n)
pension (n)
people (n pl)
pepper (n)
• to pass the pepper (spice)
• red peppers (vegetable)
per (prep)
per cent (n)
perfect (adj)
perform (v)
performance (n)
perfume (n)
perhaps (adv)
period (n)
permanent (adj)
permission (n)
permitted (adj)
person (n)
personal (adj)
persuade (v)
pet (n)
petrol (n)
petrol station (n)
pharmacy (n)
phone (n & v)
photo (n)
photocopy (n)
photograph (n)
photography (n)
physician (n)
physics (n)
piano (n)
pick (v)
pick up (phr v)
• I picked up a pencil.
• I'll pick up my sister from the station.
picnic (n & v)
picture (n)
pie (n)
piece (n)
• a piece of cheese
• to break into small pieces
• a piece of furniture/advice
pig (n)
pile (n)
pill (n)
pillow (n)
pilot (n & v)
pin (n & v)
pink (adj)
pipe (n)
pity (n)
pizza (n)
place (n & v)
• a safe place (n)
• I've lost my place in the book. (n)
• third place in a race (n)
• to place something on the table (v)
• London is a big place. (n)
plain (adj)
• It's plain to me. (clear)
• a plain T-shirt (no design)
plan (n & v)
• a street plan (n)
• a plan to do something (n)
plane (n)
planet (n)
plant (n & v)
plastic (adj & n)
plate (n)
platform (n)
play (n & v)
• a play at the theatre (n)
• children playing (v)
• to play football (v)
• to play the guitar (v)
• to play a record/cassette/CD (v)
• to play the part of someone (act) (v)
player (n)
playground (n)
playing cards (n pl)
pleasant (adj)
please (int & v)
• Come in, please. (int)
• to please someone (v)
pleasure (n)
plenty (pron)
plug (n)
• a plug for the bath
• an electrical plug
plug in (phr v)
p.m. (adv)
pocket (n)
pocket money (n)
poem (n)Page 24
poet (n)
poetry (n)
point (n & v)
• to point at something (v)
• The pencil has no point to it. (n)
police (n)
policeman (n)
police officer (n)
policewoman (n)
police station (n)
polite (adj)
political (adj)
politics (n)
politician (n)
pollution (n)
pool (n)
• a swimming-pool
poor (adj)
• She is very poor. (financial)
• The poor man. (sympathy)
pop (adj & n)
• pop song/music/star/group
popular (adj)
population (n)
port (n)
porter (n)
position (n)
positive (adj)
possibility (n)
possible (adj)
post (n & v)
• to post a letter (v)
• to send it by post (n)
post office (n)
postage (n)
postcard (n)
poster (n)
postman (n)
pot (n)
potato (n)
pound (£) (n)
pour (v)
poverty (n)
powder (n)
power (n)
practice (n)
practise (v) (n = Am Eng)
pray (v)
prayer (n)
prefer (v)
preparation (n)
prepare (v)
prescription (n)
• medicine on a prescription
present (adj & n)
• to be present (adj)
• at the present time (adj)
• That will be all for the present. (n)
• I got some lovely birthday presents. (n)
presenter (n)
president (n)
press (v)
• to press a button
• to press a suit
pretty (adj)
prevent (v)
previous (adj)
price (n)
priest (n)
primary (adj)
• primary school
prime minister (n)
prince (n)
princess (n)
principal (adj)
print (n & v)
• in large print (n)
• print a document (v)
• to print your name in capitals (v)
prison (n)
prisoner (n)
private (adj)
prize (n)
probable (adj)
probably (adv)
problem (n)
produce (v)
product (n)
profession (n)
professional (adj & n)
professor (n)
program(me) (n)
• TV programme
• computer program
progress (n)
project (n)
promise (n & v)
• to promise to do something (v)
• to keep a promise (n)
pronounce (v)
• to pronounce a word correctly
pronunciation (n)
proper (adj)
property (n)
protect (v)
proud (adj)
prove (v)
provide (v)
public (adj & n)
• public opinion (adj)Page 25
• to make something public (adj)
• to be open to the public (n)
publish (v)
pull (n & v)
pullover (n)
pump (n)
• petrol/bike pump
punctual (adj)
punish (v)
punishment (n)
pupil (n)
pure (adj)
purple (adj)
purpose (n)
• He did it on purpose. (deliberately)
purse (n)
push (n & v)
put (v)
put away (phr v)
• He put the book away.
put down (phr v)
• She put her name down.
put off (phr v)
• The meeting was put off until the
following week.
put on (phr v)
• He put on a suit.
• Can you put on the light?
• He didn't want to put on weight.
put out (phr v)
• The fire was quickly put out.
put through (phr v)
• Can you put me through to the
manager, please?
put up (phr v)
• The company was forced to put up its
pyjamas (n pl)

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