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Vocabulary beginning with N - list learning English basics

What will I learn from the English lesson a list vocabulary beginning with N?

This lesson is a list of vocabulary beginning with N to help when you are unsure what type of word it is. It is important not to try and remember the vocabulary, but just to use the list as a reference guide to help you.

How do I use this English book of vocabulary A to Z?

Click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the idioms with an explanation of each.

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** Warning the list does not contain every word and will be added to over time **

Abbreviations that are used in the vocabulary List are:

abbrev abbreviation or acronym
adj adjective
adv adverb
Am Eng American English
Br Eng British English
conj conjunction
det determiner
exclam exclamation
int interjection
n noun
phr v phrasal verb
pl plural
prep preposition
prep phr prepositional phrase
pron pronoun
sing singular
v verb

Vocabulary beginning with N

nail (n)
• fingernail
• hammer and nails
name (n & v)
narrow (adj)
nasty (adj)
national (adj)
nationality (n)
natural (adj)
nature (n)Page 21
• nature studies
near (adv, prep & adj)
nearby (adj & adv)
nearly (adv)
neat (adj)
necessary (adj)
neck (n)
need (v)
needle (n)
negative (adj)
neighbour (n)
neighbourhood (n)
neither (pron, adv, conj & det)
nephew (n)
nervous (adj)
• a nervous person
• to feel nervous
net (n)
network (n)
never (adv)
new (adj)
news (n)
newsagent (n)
newspaper (n)
next (adj, adv & pron)
next to (prep)
nice (adj)
niece (n)
night (n)
nightclub (n)
no (adv & det)
nobody (pron)
noise (n)
none (pron)
nonsense (n)
noon (n)
no one (pron)
nor (conj)
normal (adj)
north (adj, adv & n)
northeast (adj & n)
northwest (adj & n)
nose (n)
not (adv)
note (n & v)
• to write a note (n)
• a ten-pound note (n)
• Please note. (v)
notebook (n)
notepaper (n)
nothing (pron)
notice (n & v)
• to read a notice (n)
• until further notice (n)
• Did you notice anything wrong? (v)
novel (n)
now (adv)
nowadays (adv)
nowhere (adv)
number (n)
• numbers 5 to 7
• a large number of cars
• What's your (phone) number?
nurse (n & v)
nut (n)

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