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Vocabulary beginning with G - list learning English basics

What will I learn from the English lesson a list vocabulary beginning with G ?

This lesson is a list of vocabulary beginning with G to help when you are unsure what type of word it is. It is important not to try and remember the vocabulary, but just to use the list as a reference guide to help you.

How do I use this English book of vocabulary ?

Click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the idioms with an explanation of each.

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Vocabulary beginning with G

gallery (n)
• an art gallery
gain (v)
• gain experience
game (n)
gap (n)
garage (n)
garden (n)
gas (n)
• a gas cooker
• to put some gas in the car (Am Eng)
(Br Eng: petrol)
gate (n)
general (adj)
generation (n)
generous (adj)
gentle (adj)
gentleman (n)
geography (n)
get (v)
get along (with) (phr v)
• How do you get along with Harry?
get back (phr v)
• When did you get back from New
get down (phr v)
• Get down at once!
• Did you get all the notes down?
get in (phr v)
• Can you get in through the window?
get off (phr v)
• We get off at the next stop.
get on (phr v)
• Get your coat on and then we can
• How are you getting on now?
get on (with) (phr v)
• She got on with her work.
• I'm getting on well with French.
• Do you get on well with Sam?
get rid of (phr v)
get up (phr v)
• What time do you get up in the
gift (n)
giraffe (n)
girl (n)
girlfriend (n)
give (v)
give back (phr v)
• Give me back this book on Tuesday,
give in (phr v)
• Have you given in your homework yet?
• Do you give in?
give out (phr v)
• Will you give out these papers for me,
give up (phr v)
• Has David given up playing tennis?
give way (phr v)
• You must give way to traffic at a
glad (adj)
glance (n & v)
glass (n)
glasses (n pl)
global warming (n)
glove (n)
go (v)
go for (phr v)
• He went for the job.
• The dog went for the man.
go off (phr v)
• They went off to Australia.
• Suddenly the lights went off.
go on (phr v)
• The meeting went on until six o'clock.
• What's going on?
go out (phr v)
• The fire has gone out.
• Are you going out with Thomas
go with (phr v)
• Your tie doesn't go with your shirt.
goal (n)
goat (n)
gold (adj & n)
golf (n)
good (adj)
• The film was very good.
• to be good at maths
goodbye (exclam)
good-looking (adj)
goodnight (exclam)
goods (n pl)
govern (v) Page 15
government (n)
grade (n)
gram(me) (n)
grammar (n)
grandchild (n)
grand(d)ad (n)
granddaughter (n)
grandfather (n)
grandma (n)
grandmother (n)
grandpa (n)
grandparent (n)
grandson (n)
grant (n)
• He was given a grant to study in
Australia. (n)
grape (n)
grass (n)
grateful (adj)
great (adj)
green (adj)
greengrocer (n)
grey (adj)
grill (n & v)
grocer (n)
ground (adj & n)
group (n & v)
grow (v)
grow up (phr v)
• Children grow up fast.
guard (n & v)
guess (n & v)
guest (n)
guest-house (n)
guide (n & v)
guidebook (n)
guilty (adj)
guitar (n)
gum (n)
• chewing gum
• sore gums
gun (n)
guy (n)
gym(nastics) (n)

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