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Vocabulary beginning with F - list learning English basics

What will I learn from the English lesson a list vocabulary beginning with F ?

This lesson is a list of vocabulary beginning with F to help when you are unsure what type of word it is. It is important not to try and remember the vocabulary, but just to use the list as a reference guide to help you.

How do I use this English book of vocabulary ?

Click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the idioms with an explanation of each.

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Vocabulary beginning with F

face (n)
• a sad look on his face
facility (n)
• The hotel has excellent facilities.
fact (n)
factory (n)
fail (v)
failure (n)
faint (adj & v)
fair (adj & n)
fairly (adv)
faithfully (adv)
fall (n & v)
(n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng: autumn)
false (adj)
familiar (with) (adj)
family (n)
famous (adj)
fan (n)
fantastic (adj)
far (adv)
fare (n)
• The return fare is £26.
farm (n & v)
fascinate (v)
fashion (n)
fast (adj & adv)
fasten (v)
fat (adj & n)
father (n)
fault (n)
favour (n)Page 13
favourite (adj & n)
fax (n & v)
fear (n)
fee (n)
feed (v)
feel (v)
feel like (v)
• to feel like doing something
female (adj)
fence (n)
ferry (n)
festival (n)
fetch (v)
fever (n)
few (adj)
fiancé(e) (n)
fiction (n)
field (n)
fight (n & v)
figure (n)
fill (v)
fill in (phr v)
• You need to fill in a form.
fill up (phr v)
• He filled up the car with petrol.
film (n & v)
film maker (n)
film star (n)
final (adj & n)
financial (adj)
find (v)
find out (phr v)
• I must find out when he's arriving.
fine (adj, n & v)
finger (n)
finish (n & v)
fire (n)
firefighter (n)
firm (adj & n)
• firm ground (adj)
• a good firm to work for (n)
first (adj, adv & pron)
• first name (adj)
• first of all (adv)
• He was the first. (pron)
fish (n & v)
fit (adj & v)
• keep fit (adj)
• These shoes don't fit. (v)
fitness (n)
fix (v)
flag (n)
flat (adj & n)
flight (n)
flight attendant (n)
float (v)
flood (n & v)
floor (n)
flour (n)
flow (n & v)
flower (n)
flu (n)
flute (n)
fly (n & v)
fog (n)
fold (v)
folk (adj & n)
follow (v)
following (adj)
fond (adj)
• to be fond of something/someone
food (n)
fool (n)
foot (n)
football (n)
for (prep)
forbid (v)
force (n)
forecast (n & v)
foreign (adj)
foreigner (n)
forest (n)
forever (adv)
forget (v)
forgive (v)
fork (n)
form (n)
former (adj)
fortnight (n)
fortunately (adv)
forward(s) (adv)
fountain (n)
free (adj)
freeze (v)
freezer (n)
French fries (n) (Am Eng)
frequent (adj)
fresh (adj)
fridge (n)
friend (n)
frighten (v)
from (prep)
front (adj & n)
frontier (n)
frost (n)
fruit (n)
fry (v)
frying pan (n)
fuel (n)
full (adj)
full time (adv) Page 14
full-time (adj)
fun (n)
funny (adj)
• a funny story (amusing)
• a funny thing happened (strange)
furnished (adj)
furniture (n)
further (adv & adj)
future (adj & n)

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