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Vocabulary beginning with D - list learning English basics

What will I learn from the English lesson a list vocabulary beginning with D ?

This lesson is a list of vocabulary beginning with D to help when you are unsure what type of word it is. It is important not to try and remember the vocabulary, but just to use the list as a reference guide to help you.

How do I use this English book of vocabulary A to Z?

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** Warning the list does not contain every word and will be added to over time **

Abbreviations that are used in the vocabulary List are:

abbrev abbreviation or acronym
adj adjective
adv adverb
Am Eng American English
Br Eng British English
conj conjunction
det determiner
exclam exclamation
int interjection
n noun
phr v phrasal verb
pl plural
prep preposition
prep phr prepositional phrase
pron pronoun
sing singular
v verb

Vocabulary beginning with D

dad (n)
daddy (n)
daily (adj & adv)
damage (n & v)
damp (adj)
dance (n & v)
danger (n)
dangerous (adj)
dark (adj & n)
date (n & v)
• today's date (n)
daughter (n)
day (n)
dead (adj)
deaf (adj)
deal (with) (v)
dear (adj & exclam)
• too dear to buy (adj)
• Dear Sir (adj)
• Oh dear! (exclam)
death (n)
decide (v)
decimal (adj & n)
decision (n)
declare (v)
deck (n)
• the deck of a boat
decrease (n & v)
deejay / DJ (n)
deep (adj & adv)
defeat (n & v)
defence (n)
defend (v)
definitely (adv)
degree (n)
• 90 degrees
• a degree in maths
delay (n & v)
delighted (adj)
deliver (v)
delivery (n)
demand (n & v)
demonstration (n)
dentist (n)
depart (v)
department (n)
departure (n)
depend (v)
• It depends on what you want to do.
deposit (n)
• pay a deposit
depressed (adj)
depth (n)
• the depth of the water
describe (v)
description (n)
desert (n)
deserve (v)
design (n & v)
desk (n)
despite (prep)
dessert (n)
destination (n)
destroy (v)
detail (n)
detective (n)
develop (v)
diagram (n)
dial (v)
diary (n)
dictionary (n)
die (v)
diet (n & v)
differ (v)
difference (n)
different (adj)
difficult (adj)
difficulty (n)
dig (v)
digital (adj)
dining room (n)
dinner (n)
diploma (n)
direct (adj & v)
direction (n)
director (n)
directory (n)
• a telephone directory
dirt (n)
disabled (adj)
disadvantage (n) Page 11
disagree (v)
disappear (v)
disappoint (v)
disc/disk (n)
• compact disc/CD
• hard disk
• floppy disk
disco(theque) (n)
discount (n)
discover (v)
discuss (v)
discussion (n)
disease (n)
disgusting (adj)
dish (n)
dishwasher (n)
dislike (n & v)
display (n & v)
distance (n)
distant (adj)
district (n)
disturb (v)
dive (v)
divide (v)
dizzy (adj)
do (v)
doctor/Dr (n)
document (n)
documentary (adj & n)
dog (n)
doll (n)
dollar (n)
dolphin (n)
door (n)
double (adj)
doubt (n & v)
down (adv & prep)
download (n & v)
downstairs (adv)
dozen (n)
drama (n)
draw (v)
• to draw a picture of someone or
• to draw the curtains
• to draw near
drawer (n)
dream (n & v)
dress (n & v)
dressing (n)
drink (n & v)
drive (n & v)
driving licence (n)
drop (n & v)
drugstore (n) (Am Eng)
drum (n)
dry (adj & v)
dry cleaning (n)
duck (n)
due (adj)
• The next bus is due in five minutes.
due to (prep phr)
dull (adj)
during (prep)
dust (n & v)
dustbin (n)
duty (n)
duty-free (adj)
duvet (n)
DVD (n)
DVD player (n)

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