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Vocabulary beginning with C large list learning English basics

What will I learn from the English lesson a list vocabulary beginning with C ?

This lesson is a list of vocabulary beginning with C to help when you are unsure what type of word it is. It is important not to try and remember the vocabulary, but just to use the list as a reference guide to help you.

How do I use this English book of vocabulary A to Z?

Click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the idioms with an explanation of each.

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** Warning the list does not contain every word and will be added to over time **

Abbreviations that are used in the vocabulary List are:

abbrev abbreviation or acronym
adj adjective
adv adverb
Am Eng American English
Br Eng British English
conj conjunction
det determiner
exclam exclamation
int interjection
n noun
phr v phrasal verb
pl plural
prep preposition
prep phr prepositional phrase
pron pronoun
sing singular
v verb

Vocabulary beginning with C

cab (n)
cabbage (n)
cabin (n)
cable (n)
café/cafe (n)
cage (n)
cake (n)
calculator (n)
calendar (n)
call (n & v)
call for (phr v)
• I'll call for you at 7.
call in (phr v)
• She called in to see a friend.
calm (adj)
camel (n)
camera (n)
camp (n & v)
campsite (n)
can (n)
canal (n)
cancel (v)
candidate (n)
candle (n)
canteen (n)
cap (n)
capital (adj)
• capital city
• capital letter
captain (n)
car (n)
carry out (phr v)
car park (n)
card (n)
• birthday card
• credit card
• identity (ID) card
• playing card
cardboard (adj & n)
care (n & v)
• take care of someone (n)
• to care (about/for) someone/something (v)
career (n)
carpet (n)
carrot (n)
carry (v)
carry on (phr v)
• He carried on walking despite the rain.
cartoon (n)
case (n)
• suitcase
cash (n & v)
cassette (n)
cassette player/recorder (n)
castle (n)
cat (n)
catch (v)
cathedral (n)Page 8
cauliflower (n)
cause (n & v)
cave (n)
CD (n)
CD-Rom (n)
ceiling (n)
celebrate (v)
celebration (n)
celery (n)
cellar (n)
cent (n)
centimetre (cm) (n)
central (adj)
central heating (n)
centre (n)
century (n)
cereal (n)
certain (adj)
certificate (n)
chain (n)
chair (n & v)
chalk (n)
challenge (n & v)
champion (n)
chance (n)
change (n & v)
changing room (n)
channel (n)
chapter (n)
character (n)
charge (n & v)
chat (n)
cheap (adj)
cheat (v)
check (n & v)
check in (phr v)
• They checked in to a hotel.
check out (phr v)
• He checked out of the hotel at the end
of his stay.
checkout (n)
cheerful (adj)
cheers! (exclam)
cheese (n)
chef (n)
chemist (n)
chemistry (n)
cheque (n)
chess (n)
chest (n)
chicken (n)
chief (adj)
child (n)
childhood (n)
chimney (n)
chin (n)
chips (n)
chocolate (n)
choice (n)
choose (v)
church (n)
cinema (n)
circle (n)
circus (n)
city (n)
clap (v)
class (n)
• language class
• first class, second class
classical (adj)
• classical music
classroom (n)
clean (adj & v)
clear (adj & v)
clever (adj)
click (v)
cliff (n)
climate (n)
climb (v)
clinic (n)
cloakroom (n)
clock (n)
close (adj, adv & v)
cloth (n)
clothes (n pl)
cloud (n)
club (n)
• to join a club
coach (n)
coal (n)
coast (n)
coat (n)
cocoa (n)
coconut (n)
coffee (n)
coin (n)
cola (n)
cold (adj & n)
collar (n)
colleague (n)
collect (v)
collection (n)
college (n)
colour (n & v)
comb (n & v)
come (v)
come down (phr v)
• The house had come down in price.
come on (phr v)
• Come on or we'll miss the bus.
comedy (n) Page 9
comedian (n)
comfort (n)
comfortable (adj)
comic (adj & n)
command (v)
commercial (adj)
committee (n)
common (adj)
• a common surname
• have something in common
communicate (v)
communication (n)
compact (adj)
company (n)
compare (v)
comparison (n)
compete (n)
competition (n)
complain (v)
complaint (n)
complete (v)
complicated (adj)
composition (n)
computer (n)
concentrate (v)
concert (n)
conclusion (n)
condition (n)
• in good condition
conference (n)
confident (adj)
confirm (v)
congratulations! (exclam)
connect (v)
connection (n)
consider (v)
consist (v)
consul (n)
consulate (n)
contact (n & v)
contain (v)
contents (n)
continent (n)
continue (v)
contract (n)
control (n & v)
convenient (adj)
conversation (n)
cook (n & v)
cooker (n)
cookie (n) (Am Eng)
cool (adj & v)
copy (n & v)
corn (n)
corner (n)
correct (adj & v)
correction (n)
corridor (n)
cost (n & v)
costume (n)
cottage (n)
cotton (n)
cough (n & v)
count (v)
country (n)
countryside (n)
couple (n)
courage (n)
course (n)
• English course
• main course
• of course (exclam)
court (n)
• law court
• tennis court
cousin (n)
cover (n & v)
cow (n)
crash (n & v)
crazy (adj)
cream (adj & n)
create (v)
creative (adj)
creature (n)
credit (n)
• credit card
crew (n)
crime (n)
criminal (n)
cross (n & v)
crossing (n)
• pedestrian crossing
cross out (phr v)
• Cross it out and write it again.
crossroads (n)
crowd (n)
crowded (adj)
crown (n)
cruel (adj)
cruise (v)
cry (n & v)
cucumber (n)
cultural (adj)
culture (n)
cup (n)
cupboard (n)
cure (n & v)
curious (adj)
curly (adj)
currency (n)
current (adj) Page 10
curriculum (n)
curriculum vitae/CV (n)
curry (n)
curtain (n)
curve (n & v)
cushion (n)
custom (n)
customs (n pl)
customs officer (n)
customer (n)
cut (n & v)
cut up (phr v)
• She cut up the cake into small pieces.
cute (adj)
cycle (n & v)

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