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Large list of clothes idioms about pants and their meanings

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There are 3 parts for each idiom the first part is what the idiom is, then there is an explanation of what the idiom means and the last part is an example of how to use it in a sentence.

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Clothes idioms about pants

beat the pants off (someone)

- to beat someone severely, to win against someone easily in a race or a game

Our team beat the pants off the other team very easily.

bore the pants off (someone)

- to make someone feel very bored

The new teacher bored the pants off the students.

by the seat of one's pants

- by luck and with very little skill

I was able to complete the course but only by the seat of my pants.

catch (someone) with their pants down

- to surprise someone in an embarrassing situation or doing something that they should not be doing

The sales manager was caught with his pants down when he was asked for the sales figures that he did not have.

charm the pants off (someone)

- to use very nice or charming behavior to persuade someone to do something

I was able to charm the pants off the man in the job interview and I got the job.

fly by the seat of one's pants

- to do something by instinct rather than by knowledge or logic

I was forced to fly by the seat of my pants when my computer broke and I had to try and fix it.

have ants in one's pants

- to be restless, to be nervous

The teacher told the boy that he was moving around like he had ants in his pants.

scare the pants off (someone)

- to frighten someone very badly

The big dog scared the pants off the little boy.

smarty pants

- a person who is annoying because he or she always has an answer for something or seems to know everything

The boy is a smarty pants and he acts like he knows everything.

too big for one's breeches

- to think that you are more important than you really are (breeches are a type of pants or trousers)

Our manager is too big for his breeches and needs someone to make him realize that he is not so important.

wear the pants in one's family

- to be the boss of a family or household

The woman wears the pants in her family and she is always telling her husband what to do.

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