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Large list of clothes idioms about boots and their meanings

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There are 3 parts for each idiom the first part is what the idiom is, then there is an explanation of what the idiom means and the last part is an example of how to use it in a sentence.

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Clothes idioms about belts

as tough as an old boot

- very tough, not easily moved by feelings such as pity

The old lady is as tough as an old boot and never shows her feelings at all.

bet one's boots

- to bet everything that one has

I will bet my boots that my friend will not have enough money to go on a holiday.

die with one's boots on

- to die while still active in one's work or while doing a job

The man worked hard all his life and died with his boots on when he had a heart attack at the factory.

get the boot

- to be fired from a job, to be told to leave a place

I got the boot from my first job in high school.
The man got the boot from the restaurant for smoking.

give (someone) the boot

- to fire someone from a job, to force someone to leave a place

The manager gave the man the boot when he began yelling in the restaurant.

lick (someone's) boots

- to behave in a manner like a servant or a slave toward someone

Our boss wants everybody to lick his boots. That is why nobody likes him.

pull oneself up by one's bootstraps

- to improve oneself or achieve something through one's own efforts

The boy pulled himself up by his bootstraps and went back and finished university.

quake in one's boots

- to be afraid, to shake from fear

I was quaking in my boots when my boss told me to come to his office.

shake in one's boots

- to be afraid, to shake from fear

The little boy was shaking in his boots when the large dog approached him.

too big for one's boots

- to think that you are more important than you really are

The man is too big for his boots and nobody likes him.

You bet your boots!

- most certainly, yes indeed, absolutely

"You bet your boots that I am going to apply for my passport as early as possible."

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