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Large list of clothes idioms that begin with S and their meanings

How each idioms is listed

There are 3 parts for each idiom the first part is what the idiom is, then there is an explanation of what the idiom means and the last part is an example of how to use it in a sentence.

How to use the list of clothes idioms A to Z?

To use the list of idioms click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the clothesidioms for that letter.

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Clothes idioms beginning with S

scare the pants off (someone)

- to frighten someone very badly

The big dog scared the pants off the little boy.

shake in one's boots

- to be afraid, to shake from fear

The little boy was shaking in his boots when the large dog approached him.

shoe is on the other foot

- the opposite is true, places are changed

For a long time my friend laughed at my problems at work. Now, the shoe is on the other foot and he also has serious problems.

smarty pants

- a person who is annoying because he or she always has an answer for something or seems to know everything

The boy is a smarty pants and he acts like he knows everything.

speak off the cuff

- to speak in public without preparation

My father plans to speak off the cuff at his retirement party tonight.

step into (someone's) shoes

- to take over a job or other role from someone

I will have to step into my supervisor's shoes while he is away on vacation.

a stuffed shirt

- a person who is too rigid or too formal

I do not want to invite my neighbor to come with us because he is a stuffed shirt and not very interesting to spend time with.

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