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Large list of clothes idioms that begin with O and their meanings

How each idioms is listed

There are 3 parts for each idiom the first part is what the idiom is, then there is an explanation of what the idiom means and the last part is an example of how to use it in a sentence.

How to use the list of clothes idioms A to Z?

To use the list of idioms click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the clothesidioms for that letter.

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Clothes idioms beginning with O


- without preparation

Our boss made a great off-the-cuff speech at the party last night.

off the rack

- (an article of clothing that is) available for immediate purchase, ready-made

Our boss always buys his suits off the rack.

old hat

- not new or different, old-fashioned

We have been using the new computer program for many months. It is old hat now.

on a shoestring

- on a very low budget, with very little money

We went to Europe on a shoestring and we enjoyed it very much.

on (someone`s) coat-tails

- as a result of someone else doing something

The woman was elected to city council on her husband`s coat-tails.

out of fashion

- not fashionable

Most of the woman's clothes are out of fashion.

out of pocket

- the direct expenses that one spends for business or personal use

My out-of-pocket expenses for my recent business trip were very low.
The money that I spent on my business trip was all out of pocket.

out of style

- not fashionable

The style of jeans that my friend likes to wear have been out of style for a long time now.

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