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What is a computer and what can they do?

Computer lesson on what a computer is and what they are capable of

A computer / PC is classed as an electronic machine. It is an electronic device that has the capability to store, retrieves, and processes larges amounts of data A computer can be programmed with a set of instructions.

A computer is an electronic machine. That works on the manipulation of data. First of all it accepts the data and processes it, in a mathematical or logical way. This gives what is called output that can can be seen on a computer monitor, printer or other output devices.

What is a computer made up of?

A computer is made up of various types of hardware and software.

What sizes can computers be?

Computers come in a variety of different sizes and with different configurations.

What can computers be used for?

Computers can be used for:

  • Playing games
  • Storing records, such as students id and personal information.
  • Office work. Spread sheets, Writing letters (Microsoft word), Making presentations (Powerpoint).
  • Creating graphics.
  • Processing large amounts of data.

What is a computer?

What is a computer / personal computer (pc)

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