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Basic HTML for making a website

Learning the basic HTML for a website

During this computer lesson you will learn what basic HTML you need to use to start learning basic HTML.

What does HTML stand for?

HTML stands for hyper text markup language.

When you start learning basic HTML to build a website or just to learn HTML you need to need to use tags.

What are tags?

HTML tags are used to make a website and a browser will use them to display what the content is.

How to start writing writing your first webpage

To start writing the code below, you need to right click on your desktop and choose new, then click on new text document.

Basic HTML tags to start building a webpage

Copy the text below in the text document and save as myfirstwebpage.html to your desktop


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>These tags are used for the document title</title>
<h1>These tags are used for a heading</h1>
<p>These tags are used for writing content on your page.</p>

How to view the webpage

After saving the file myfirstwebpage.html to your desktop, you can view it by clicking on the file. This will open it using the web browser of your choice.

Basic layout of a webpage explained

Basic HTML tags for a webpage

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Basic HTML tags and their meaning

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