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How to manage your money banking bills English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson how to manage your money?

This lesson you will learn how to ask questions about managing your money in the bank.

Managing your money

Managing your money is an important factor in building a savings and making sure that your money is accounted for and spent wisely.

The questions below you can ask someone at your bank 

Can you tell me how often I should be checking my savings account balance?
When I withdrawal money is it a good idea to keep a record of what I take out?
Do yo think it is a good idea to make a budget of what money I get and what I pay out?
Do you recommend paying bills online or sending payments via mail?
Is it best to have your wage paid direct into my account?
If I notice that there is something slightly unusual on my bank statements who do I contact?

Below is some answers to the questions above

You should check your balance at least once a week.

The ATM machine will give you a receipt when you withdraw money you can save them.

Yes, it is a very good idea to make budgets so you don't over spend.

On-line banking is safe and is the fastest method, but sending a cheque in the post is fine. Do not send money in the post!

We recommend that you have your wages paid in as it is safer then having large amounts of money in the house or carrying large amounts.

You should contact our fraud line on 123-123-321 it is open 24 hours a day. We can cancel your card and freeze your account.Talking about looking after your money at the bank

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