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Golf and talking on the course with your playing partner English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson golf and talking to your playing partner?

During this English lesson you will learn some of the more common phrases you can talk about, when on the golf course with friends.

Common golf phrases

How often do you play this course it looks great?
Have you played this course before?

That was a great shot.
What a putt that was.
That was a some shot.
You're playing really well today.
you seem to be hooking the ball to the left.
Your shot sliced to the right.
Has your ball gone out of bounds?
Your ball is somewhere behind that tree.
Your ball went into the bushes to the left.
I think your ball went in the sand.

How far do you think am away from the green.
I would say about 180 yards away.
The next hole is a dog leg right with many bunkers.

I have such a terrible lie.
I'm going to have to take a mulligan. (mulligan = retake your last shot if you think it went out of bounds or unplayable to speed up play searching for a lost ball)
I think am going to hit my ball again.
Are you going to play a provisional ball.
I just can't find my ball so it OK if I drop a ball.

Do you think the ball is going to break to the right then left.
It's looks like a uphill putt for you.
I see a left break.
I can't see a break. Do you see one?
I'm really not good at reading greens on this coarse.

How far are you away?
Did you manage to see where my ball went?
What colour are the pin?
What is the distance of this hole?
Is this hole a par or 4 or 5?

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