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Learning about golf and the basics English Lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson learning about golf and the basics?

During this English lesson you will learn about the terminologies and equipment that are used with golf.

Talking about terminologies and equipment involved with golf.

Golf is played by many people from young to old, male or female.

Set of irons: A golf bag has a set of irons that consist of a pitching wedge, sand wedge and irons 1 through 9 irons
5 wood: Known as a fairway wood designed to hit the ball slightly less as far as 3 wood.
3 wood: Known as a Fairway wood can hit the ball nearly as long as a 1 wood.
Driver: Thisclub used for teeing off and is used as can the ball the farthest from the Tee
Putter: This club used for putting on the green with the aim to get the ball in the cup

Tee box, tee or teeing off ground: are the different names you might hear they are where you hit your first shot every hole.
Fairway: The short grass between the tee box and the green.
Rough: Taller grass that is ether side of the fairway, it can also be around the green as well.
Green: This is where you putt the ball into the hole.

Par 3 hole: These are short holes where you should take 3 shots or less to get the ball in the cup
Par hole 4: This are the middle length holes where you should take 4 shots or less.
Par 5 hole: Long holes where it should take 5 shots

Hole in one: Are when the ball goes in the cup with your first hit. Mormally on par 3's.
Double Eagle: This when the ball goes in the cup after hitting the ball only 2 times par 5. Your would be 3 under par
Eagle: When the ball goes in the cup after only hitting the ball a minimum 3 times on a par 5 hole or hitting the ball 2 times on a par 4. To be 2 under par for the hole
Birdie: When you finish the hole at one under par. A par 3 = 3 shots, par 4 = 4 shots, par 5 = 5 shots
Par: This is when you have put the ball into the cup in the number required to make par.
Bogey: If you take one extra shot to put the ball in the cup. A par 3 = 4 shots, par 4 = 5 shots, par 5 = 6 shots

Double bogey: 2 over par is when you take 2 more shots for the required hole.
Triple bogey: 3 over par 3 more shots for the required hole.
Quadruple bogey: 4 over par 4 more shots for the required hole.

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