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Learning sports in general English lesson

What will I be learning from the English lesson learning sports in general?

During this English lesson you will learn how to have a general conversation about sport. The last part of the lesson shows you when to use the word 'play' and when not to.

Sports in the UK

Sports is very popular with men and women. In England, we have main football, cricket, and rugby. These sports are mainly played by men, while females do play these sports more women enjoy sports like badminton, swimming, volleyball, cycling and running.

General conversation questions

Hello, John what do when you have some free time?
So you have any hobbies?
What sports do you like to play?

I like playing sports, as it's good for my health and also I have a lot of fun.
Competitive sports are best as I love the the feeling of winning.
I really like playing table tennis and I like to swimming.

Sarah is very athletic. She is really good at most sports.
If you need to choose a girl to play, you should get Sarah. She's very strong and athletic.

When talking about sport in English, you will mostly use the word 'play' or 'playing'.

  • I love to playing snooker.
  • Let's go and play football in the park
  • Do you want to play tennis tomorrow?
  • I like to play basketball.
  • Do you like to play basketball?

There are sports when you can not use play like, swimming, bowling, and golf do not use the word play.

  • I like to swim.
  • I like to go swimming at lest twice a week.
  • Let's all go bowling tonight.
  • Do you like boxing?

If a sports ends with 'ing' then do not use the word play.

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