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Football field - pitch English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson football pitch - field?

During this English sports lesson you will learn how to identify the various parts of a football pitch, and what there measurements are, and what their markings are for and their names.

What size is a football field / pitch?

A football pitch is a rectangular surface, where the width can be between 45 to 90 metres wide and length can be between 90 and 120 metres long football pitch field l

What is the centre line

The centre line marks the middle of the field

What is the centre spot

In the middle of the centre is centre spot point, this is where you take the kick-off to start a match or after a goal and to start the game after half time.

What is the middle circle?

The centre spot or kick-off-point is surrounded by a middle circle which has a radius that can be between 9 and 15 meters

What are the corner arcs?

In all four corners on the field there are corner flags and a round mark in form of a quarter circle

What is the penalty area?

This is also called the 18-yard box, it is the big box located at each end of the playing field. It measures 16.5 by 40.32 meters. If a defender should foul against an attacking player inside the penalty box a penalty kick is awarded.

What is the penalty spot?

The penalty spot is the big white circle inside the penalty area, where the ball has to be placed when a penalty is given. Its distance from the goal line is 11 meters.

What is the Penalty Arc?

The penalty arc is the half circle on top of the penalty box. When a penalty kick is being taken, no player is allowed to be inside the arc or the penalty box.

What is the goal box?

This is the small box inside the penalty area which can be called the goal box or the six-yard box. All goal kicks have to be taken from anywhere in this part of the football field.

What is the touchline?

The touchline is the line at the side of the football pitch, is also called the side-line. The length of the touchline is also the length of the football field. When the ball goes out from this part of the pitch, the game has to be restarted using a throw-in.

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