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Ordinal numbers English lesson start learning how to use them to rank things. 

What will I learn from the Englihs lesson ordinal numbers 1 to 1000 and ranking things

This English lesson you will learn ordinal numbers 1 to 1000 and how to use them when ranking something, but before doing this lesson you should already know how to count 1 to 1000 if not do the lesson Learning English cardinal - numbers 1 to 1000 in English lesson.  

What are ordinal numbers?

orrdinal numbers are used when you need to rank something.

Example:- Mr Bean came (1st) first in the race

**Reminder** Cardinal numbers are used for quantity (1) one (2) two 

Learning ordinal numbers 

The video below shows you the ordinal numbers from 1 to 1000. 

How to use the video

To use the video use the right arrow to go to the next slide or the left arrow to go to the last slide.

A list of Cardinal and Ordinal numbers

In the list we have highlighted the first ten ordinal numbers, most ordinal numbers the end with th, there are a few exceptions.

Cardinal Number

used for quantity

Ordinal Number

 used to for ranking

one 1st      first    = I came first in the race.
2 two 2nd   second    = The horse came second.
3 three 3rd third    = I am third in line.
4 four 4th fourth    = fourth was a great result.
5 five 5th fifth     =  Jumnear is reading her fifth book
6 six 6th sixth    =  sixth was the best Mr Bean could do in the race.
7 seven 7th seventh    = I'm in the seventh grade.
8 eight 8th eighth    = Mr Bean was eighth in the exam results.
9 nine 9th ninth    = Liverpool are ninth in the league table.
10 ten 10th tenth    = Manchester United came 10th in the league.
11 eleven 11th eleventh
12 twelve 12th twelfth
13 thirteen 13th thirteenth
14 fourteen 14th fourteenth
15 fifteen 15th fifteenth
16 sixteen 16th sixteenth
17 seventeen 17th seventeenth
18 eighteen 18th eighteenth
19 nineteen 19th nineteenth
20 twenty 20th twentieth
21 twenty-one 21st twenty-first
22 twenty-two 22nd twenty-second
23 twenty-three 23rd twenty-third
24 twenty-four 24th twenty-fourth
30 thirty 30th thirtieth
31 thirty-one 31st thirty-first
40 forty 40th fortieth
50 fifty 50th fiftieth
60 sixty 60th sixtieth
70 seventy 70th seventieth
80 eighty 80th eightieth
90 ninety 90th ninetieth
100 hundred 100th hundredth
101 hundred and one 101st hundred and first
152 hundred and fifty-two               152nd hundred and fifty-second
200 two hundred 200th two hundredth
1,000 thousand 1,000th thousandth
1,000,000                       million 1,000,000th                     millionth
1,000,000,000 billion 1,000,000,000th billionth

 Learning ordinal numbers video 

Learning English numbers 1 to 100

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