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Accepting and refusing food politely with an example conversation

Accepting and refusing food politely English lesson 

During this English lesson you will learn how to accept food and refuse politely in a cafe or if you are just at a friends house. The last part of the lesson is a small conversation between 2 people and a waiter at a restaurant.

How to ask someone if they want something

 learning how to offer sandwich

When asking someone if they want something say "would you like"

It is more polite then saying "Do you want something"

  • Formal              would you like a sandwich
  • Informal            Do you want a sandwich
  • very informal      sandwich
  • Formal              yes please              no, thank you
  • Informal            yes I'd like some     no, thanks
  • very informal      I'd love one           no


How to accept a cup of coffee and how you would you like it

learning how to accept a cup of coffee

Would you like a cup of coffee

  • Formal                  would you like a coffee
  • Informal                do you want a coffee
  • very informal          coffee 
  • Formal                  yes please            ||      no, thank you
  • Informal                yes I'd like some   ||      no, thanks
  • very informal          I'd love one          ||      no

Saying how you would like your coffee 

  • Black with sugar, please.
  • White, no sugar, please.
  • White with sugar, please. 
  • Black, no sugar, please.
  • A little milk, but no sugar, please.


English vocabulary you need to learn when ordering or asking for food

bottle, slice, pot, bowl, cup, glass, piece  

 May I have a bottle of water please.                    

Asking for a  bowl of soup in an English cafe


 I would like a bowl of soup please.            


Asking for a  cup of English coffee


2 cups of coffee please.


Asking for a glass of water in a English cafe


Can I have a glass of water with my meal please. 


 A pot of English tea


English people like to drink tea made in a pot


 A slice of pizza

I would like a slice of pizza please.


A bottle of coca cola


How many bottles of coke would you like with your meal?


A piece of cake with my pot pf English tea


 Instead of a slice of cake / pizza,  you can ask for a piece of cake most times you would ask for a slice. 

A conversation that you may have with a waiter in an English restaurant. 

Mr Bean and Mr Jones had agreed to meet for a drink and some food. 

Waiter: Good afternoon, may I take your order?
Mr Jones: Yes, I'd would a glass of orange juice and a piece of cake, please.
Waiter (speaking to Mr Bean): And what would you like?
Mr Bean: I'll will have a cup of English tea please.
Waiter: Would you like  piece of cake as well
Mr Bean: No, thank you. 
Waiter: Thank you for your order, I will bring it to your table as soon as it is ready.

 Practise this with a friend if possible, it is a great way to start learning conversation