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You should + verb English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson you should  verb?

This English lesson you will learn what the words 'you should' mean. The lesson shows several examples of how to use in a sentence.

Why use the words 'you should'.

When you use the words 'you should' you are suggesting an obligation or duty needs to be be done now or sometime in the near future.

Examples of using the words you should

You should go to bed early.

You should do your homework before playing with your friends.

You should replace you rear light on your motorbike.You should + a verb English lesson

You should request to get a pay rise at work.

You should stop smoking it wastes a lot of money.

You should smile more.

You should slow down when driving near any schools or colleges.

You should talk to her about why she did it.

You should train your dog to fetch your newspaper.

You should trust what what your teacher tells you.

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