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Types of chairs English lesson learning the vocabulary for types of chairs

English lesson chairs and the different types?

During this lesson you will learn the the vocabulary for the different types of chairs that adults and babies can sit on.

The last part of the lesson on types of chairs shows how to use the vocabulary for some of the chairs in a short sentence.

Different types of chairs

Learning about different chairs

How to use the vocabulary for a chair in a sentence

Jane was comfy in her armchair.

My granddad and me love rocking in is rocking chair.

The baby was asleep in the car chair when we arrived home.

Mummy was feeding the baby in the high chair.

The new blue sofa is very comfy.

The director was sitting in is directors chair waiting for the next scene. 

Sarah was in the garden sitting in the lounger.

Me and my friends were sitting on a bench in Manchester park talking.

I have a new swivel chair for my computer desk.

My Grandma needed a wheel chair after she fell and broke her leg.

Recliners are really good for putting your feet up.

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