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Actions and activities used everyday vocabulary with pictures 

Actions and activities English lesson

During this lesson on actions and activities you will learn about everyday actions we might do during some point of the day.

The last part of the lesson on actions and activities shows examples of how to use in a sentence.

Actions and activities used everyday

Every day actions learning English

How to use everyday actions in a basic sentence

Every morning I brush my hair.

Everybody cleans their teeth in the morning.

My mother always cleans the house after breakfast.

Mrs Smith holds the baby after she has fed it.

I like to hold the baby up in the air.

It is good to hug a love one every day.

You should drink plenty of water.

My wife cleans the flat using a feather duster to remove dust.

Most people eat 3 meals a day.

After waking up you should make the bed. 

A lot of women put make up on after having a shower in the morning.

I always shake my boss’s hand every morning when we meet.

My husband shaves in the morning and at night also.

We sit down together to eat all meals.

Everybody sleeps every day.

After putting shoes on you need to tie your laces.

I like to walk to work every day.

He squatted down so he could see.

My friends always talk to me on the phone every day.

Can you throw out the rubbish please?

As I left in the morning my daughter was waving to me.

Am sure that man winked at me!

Am so tired I can’t stop yawning.

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