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At the seaside and beach lesson

What will I learn from the lesson at the seaside

During this English lesson you will learn the English words for items that you might see on beaches and in the ocean.  

At the beach 

learning about the seaside English lesson

The beach, ocean, seashore, coast

learning the vocabulary for the beach sea coast

Items found at the seaside

At the beach
Sand Children love playing in the sand.
Swings Children like to play on the swings.
Dogs Families like to take there pet dog to the beach.
Swimming ring You must wear a swimming ring if you cant swim.
Sun umbrelllas        Are great for shading you from the sun
Sand castles Children and adults like making sandcastles in the sand.
Ball You can play catch on the beach
Star fish A star fish has 5 arms
Rocks Children like climbing on rocks
Children The children were tired after playing on the beach all day.
Ice cream / ice lolly          When it is hot ice creams are  very refreshing.
Palm trees The tress were swaying gently in the breeze.
cloud The clouds were stopping the sun from shining.
Sun The sun is shining brightly.
Seagulls  Are found at most seasides flying in the sky. 

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