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Learning about basic colours - colors and talk about them in a sentence

What will I learn from the lesson learning about the basic colours

During this English lesson you will learn some of the basic colours in the English language. After learning about colours there are examples of how to use colours in a sentence.

Why learn about colours?

Colours are everywhere we look. Have a look around the room you are in. How many colours can you see? Can you spell them?

Common colours 

Below is a list of some of the more common colours

 List of colours

Video learning basic colours

A short video showing some of the basic colours


Using colour in sentences 

There are a few ways that you can use when describing the colour of an object.

Describing the colour of a school bus.

Learning English colours yellow bus

 My school bus is yellow.

The yellow bus is my school bus.

What is the colour of your school bus? Yellow.


Kearning English colour she has brown hair

 The colour of my sisters hair is brown.

What is the colour of your sisters hair?

Brown is the colour of my sisters hair, but she wants to have red hair.


 What are shades of colours?

Every colour can have different shades.

Light                Dark                      Bright

The colour of my mums hair is a light brown.          The colour of my car is a dark brown.          My brothers bike is bright red

Print the work sheet onto some paper

To print the lesson right click on a white space and select print or copy and past the categories onto a word document and the print.

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