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Do you want me to + verb English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson do you want me to + verb?

During this lesson you will learn why you need to use the words 'do you want me to' and how to use the words in a sentence. The lesson shows several examples of sentences, that you can learn or alter for your own needs. The last part of the lesson gives an explanation of how to use the word 'want'.

What do the words 'do you want me' to mean 

When you use the word  'want' you have a feel or have a desire for doing something. When you say 'Do you want me to' you are asking someone if you can help them with anything or assist them with.

Examples of using the words 'Do you want me to':

Do you want me to pick up the children from school?
Do you want me to fix your mountain bike?
Do you want me to help you with your English homework?
Do you want me to remind you about going to the dentist this week?
Do you want me to remove my trainers?

How to use the word 'want' and what does it mean

When using the word 'want' you are express something YOU would like someone else to do for you or it can mean something you personally would like to do or enjoy.

Examples of using the word 'want':

I want you to come over to my house next time.
I want you to make a decision about when you want to go on holiday.
I want you to water the flowers while we are away this weekend.
I want to understand what you are trying to say.
I want to be better at speaking English.
I want to be more involved at with the school activities.

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