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Basic parts of a desktop computer

What is the lesson about basic parts of a computer?

This computer lesson you will learn the vocabulary for the basic parts of a desk top computer.

Parts of a desktop computer

Casing = Where all the parts of a computer are stored.

CD-DVD = Allows the user to load CD's and DVD's (software, music and movies) to the computer or save data to a CD or DVD.

Hard drive = Used to store most of the computers programs and data.

Power supply unit (PSU) = converts mains AC to low-voltage to a regulated DC power needed for the internal components of a desktop computer.

Microprocessor fan = Stops the CPU ( central processing unit) from over heating.

Central processing unit (CPU) = The brains of the computer as it controls everything.

RAM ( Random Access Memory) = is used for temporary storage for programs currently being used and general processes of a computer.

Video card = Allows images to be displayed out of the monitor.

Sound card = Allows sounds to be heard out of the speakers.

Motherboard = is the part of the computer where everything is placed or is connected to.

Parts of a desktop computer

Learning the parts for the basic parts of a desktop computer

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