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That is why learning English basics lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson that is why + subject + verb?

During this lesson you will be learning what the words 'that is why' mean and how to use them in sentences. The lesson also shows how to shorten the words' that is' with examples of how to use both. 

What do the words 'mean that is why'?

When you or somebody use the words you are telling someone 'because of this' or 'therefore.'

Here are some examples:

That is why you help out animals that are in need.
That is why you try and include everyone and not just a few.
That is why you lock your doors when you leave the office at dinner time.
That is why he smiles when you walk by the shop he likes you.
That is why you use it for emergencies.

Hint ** That's  is short for that is **

That's why people like you.
That's why she appears so happy to everyone at the moment.
That's why babies crawl before they can walk.
That's why Sarah cries at  movies that are sad.
That's why you fail to understand as you do not listen in class.

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