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It is time to + verb learning English basics lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson it is time + verb?

This lesson you will learn what the words 'It is time' mean and how to use them with a verb in a sentence. The last part of the lesson is a exercise to practice writing your own sentences.

What do the words 'It is time to' mean?

When you use these words you are letting someone know that something is needed to be done at the present time.

Examples of how to use the words It is time to:

It's time to say goodbye to everyone.
It's time to ask the boss for an increase in our wage.
It's time to collect the money for the school trip.
It's time to cheer for our college team they are on stage next.
It's time to change the old carpets we have in the living room.
It is time to decide what you want to do next.
It is time to enjoy ourselves now we have finished work for the weekend.
It is time to fill the hole the dog dug last week it is quite big now.
It is time to help out in the kitchen.
It is time to join a gym I need to get fitter.

Exercise using the words 'it is time to'

Using pen and paper write down 10 sentences using the words 'it is time to'. If you can't think of ten write down as many as you can.

It is time to.....

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