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Let us not + verb learning English basics lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson let us not + verb?

During this lesson you will learn what the words 'let us not' mean and how to use them in sentences. The lesson also shows how to shorten the words' let us' with examples of how to use both. 

what do the words let us not mean?

When you use the words let us not you are asking for something not to take place at that moment or that what is happening right now needs to be contained.

Examples of using let us not:

Let us not get too excited  Liverpool have only won 1 game so far.
Let us not worry too much.
Let us not interrupt them when they are talking.
Let us help you find your missing dog.
Let us pick your daughter up from school today

Examples of using let's not 

The word 'let's' is shortened from the words 'let us.'

Let's not discuss what you did last night now.
Let's not stay in the sun too long.
Let's not stop anywhere on the way to the beach.
Let's not remain mad with John he did not mean it.
Let's not doubt Sarah I believe she is telling the truth.

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