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Talking about the weather and how to ask common questions.

 English weather and how to ask common questions?

This lesson follows on from the lesson 'English weather learn about rain snow drizzle hail wind sun ' In this lesson you learn how to ask questions about the weather and how to answer them. 


What is the weather like outside?

It is raining heavily outside.

it has just stopped snowing.

Have you had any rain during the summer this year? 

We have not had a drop of rain for many weeks now.

It is a beautiful day at the moment.

yes. but later it forecast rain.

What's the weather forecast this week?

they're saying it is going to rain all week.


Click here to play the hangman game about weather

During the winter months when it is very cold in the UK it can snow


   What is the weather like outside?

   It is really cold outside and snowing.

   Today the weather is sunny, but it is still very cold outside.

   It was raining earlier, but now it is very cold and snowing really heavy. 

   Have you had any sun during the winter this year? 

   We have not seen the sun for many weeks now.

   It is a dull day at the moment.

   yes, but it looks lovely outside with all the snow.

Thunder and lightning click on the button in the video to see a different  lightening effect every time



What's the weather like?

Today it is very stormy am going to stay indoors.

Is it thunder and lightening were you are

Yes, the thunder is so loud

Is it stormy were you are

no, not know the lightening as stopped now.

 Click here to play the hangman game about weather

Talking about the weather