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I have decided to + verb Learning English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson I have decided to+ verb?

During this English lesson you will learn how to shorten I have and also what the words 'I have decided mean'. There are examples and also a exercise to practice writing your own.

How to shorted I have?

I have  can be shortened to 'I've' 

Including the word 'decided'

By adding the word 'decided' you are stating that you have made a decision or finally come come to a conclusion.

Examples of use the words 'I have decided' :

I have decided to accept the position of manager at work.
I have decided to complete my online English coarse.
I have decided to change all my old clothes.
I have decided to join my local gym.
I have decided to form a football team for under 11 year old's.

I've decided to hand over a lot of my  responsibilities to my assistant manager.
I've decided to help you move to your new house.
I've decided to interview the best 5 people for the new job.
I've decided to increase the amount of exercise I do every week.
I've decided to open a market stall selling fruit and vegetables.

Exercise on using I have decided to 

Using a pen and paper try and make 10 of your own sentences using the words '' I have decided to'.

I have decided to......

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