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Verbs and Jobs English exercise

What will I learn from the English lesson verbs and jobs exercise?

During this lesson you will practice  identifying the verbs that are in the sentence below.

What is a verb?

A verb is a word that is used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and will form the main part of a sentence.

Exercise verbs and jobs

How to do the exercise

Copy the list of verbs or print onto a piece of paper and try and find where the verbs are in the sentences.

When you have completed the exercise if you post your answers on the forum and we will check your answers.

A baker bakes and sells bread, cakes and pastries.
A banker loans money.
A bricklayer lays bricks and builds houses, buildings and walls.
A bus driver drives busses and coaches.
A butcher cuts and sells meat,but can also make sausages.
A cashier puts money in the till they have received from the customer.
A computer scientist programs computers.
A cook cooks meals for people to eat food.
A dancer dances to entertain people.
A draughtsman draws blueprints.
A farmer grows fruits and vegetables and also produces milk and meat.
A foreman supervises other workers.
A hairdresser cuts and styles hair for people.
A lawyer advises and defends people.
A postman delivers mail to peoples houses.
A manager manages a business.
A mechanic fixes / repairs cars and motorbikes.
A photographer takes pictures of landscapes or people.
A plumber fixes / repairs pipes.
A policeman arrests people and gives people tickets.
A receptionist greets people.
A reporter / journalist interviews people and writes articles.
A secretary takes calls and makes appointments.
A shop assistant advises and helps customers (=clients) and sells things.
A singer sings songs.
A teacher teaches children in a school.
A technician fixes / repairs machines.
A vet takes care of  animals.
A doctor takes care of people.
A dentist takes care of peoples teeth.
A waiter waits on people.
An actor acts in films and plays.
An architect designs houses.
An electrician installs / fixes electrical installations.
An engineer designs machines.

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