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I can't help + verb + ing  basic English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson I can't help + verb + ing?

This English lesson you will learn what the words 'I cannot help means' and how to use them with verbs that end with 'ing'

What do the words 'I can't help' mean?

When you use the words 'I cannot help  it means you are telling somebody that you are unable to control or you might be  having a hard time with something. This can mean ether physical or mental action.

**    Hint remember   ** 

The word 'can't' is contraction for 'cannot.'

Examples of using the word 'I can't help 'and 'I cannot help':

I can't help thinking about the exam tomorrow.
I can't help going running so much.
I can't help working at the office for long hours.
I can't help smiling when I see my baby daughter.
I can't help eating cakes so much.
I can't help loving my girlfriend she is my life.

Examples without cannot being contracted

I cannot help biting my finger nails when I am nervous.
I cannot help smoking when I have eaten a lot of food.
I cannot help feeling so sad after watching that movie.
I cannot help remembering all the things you said to me.

Exercise using the words 'I cannot help'

Using the examples above try and make a list of 10 things using the words 'I cannot help' using a pen and some paper


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